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Toreo Data


The Toreo Data Connector is an ODBC driver that connects the data stored in an SAP BusinessObjects Universe with data visualization solutions like Microsoft Power BI,  Qlik (QlikView & Qlik Sense)Spotfire or Tableau.

Toreo is known as the “art  of bullfighting” and we’re doing just that with Toreo Data. We believe that your data should be accessible no matter what tools you choose. It’s complicated in the world of business intelligence and we strive to make things simple. Take charge and fight the bull in data connectivity with Torea Data!

We’re business intelligence experts that have been perfecting our craft since 1998. We know our stuff. Through a variety of customer environments and implementation scenarios we’ve collectively built up a wealth of knowledge around data integration and connectivity. Our customers asked us to make this connector, For more information visit us @



Management typically depends on their IT teams to get the status of various tasks such as application status, load times, health checks, and root cause analysis. Then the IT teams need to perform some routine tasks which are prone to human error. Well, no more! Ters is a next-gen application that gives live reports through a browser to its subscribers. It is highly configurable, and scalable to an organization of any size. Please contact us for more Info.

CREDENZE(Retired- No longer available)

Credenze is a smart user identification and verification solution for enterprises, which provides cloud-based multimodal and multi-channel biometric authentication and screening.  The solution uses unique characteristics of a person such as voice, face, and fingerprints resulting in highly accurate identification. Moreover, it also includes powerful and intelligent tools for field verification and authentication in real time, making it a complete and integrated solution to all your enterprise security needs, while also providing faster identity compliance.

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