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Tools and Technologies

MHKTech has always believed in investing in the best technologies and the best talent to drive them forward in the interest of our client’s goals.

How are some of the key IT Solutions transforming businesses today

Software Development & Deployment

To speed up the delivery process is a crucial part of the development and deployment. This is achieved with the use of continuous integration and continuous deliver (CI/CD) methodology. This automation reduces risk of errors being promoted to production, while engaging in a faster build, test and deploy cycles. This also ensures risk free rollbacks, a key component often overlooked.
           Overall software development and deployment is a critical component of modern businesses helping them stay competitive and provide better services to their customers.

The process of creating and delivering software applications to users involves a series of planned activities. Broadly classified as requirement gathering, design, coding, testing and deployment, the goal here is to create high-quality software that meets the needs of the users and is provided seamlessly and with continuous integration. Through methods like agile development that emphasize on collaboration and rapid iteration, software can be delivered on time and within budget.

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Project Management

    Communications are another key aspect of project management, involving stakeholders from the inception on the progress of the project is extremely important. This ensures that the work spearheads creating a positive outlook for the entire team.
           Project management methodologies include Agile, Waterfall or Scrum that guide project teams in their work. Regular sprints and deliveries ensure that no task is left behind or becomes a bottleneck to the overall progress. By abiding to these frameworks, project managers often ensure delivery of high-quality software on time.

IT Project management encompasses planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring technology related projects to a successful completion. Risk management remains one of the key components here, as it is imperative that assessing potential risks, developing contingency plans, and implementing mitigation strategies are key to forecast the outcome of the project. 

Managed IT Services

    They typically offer a range of services like remote monitoring, data backup and recovery, network administration and cybersecurity solutions. Maintenance is a key benefit of such services because they achieve this through regular monitoring and management methodologies. This enables faster resolution of resources.
           Along with these advantages, you also have access to a team of highly skilled professionals who can solve technical problems and provide hands on support on the agreeable SLAs.

Managed IT services are a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to improve their technology infrastructure and reduce their IT expenses at the same time. It’s a comprehensive approach to provide businesses with a single reliable source for all their IT needs, including hardware, software, and network support.

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